Friday, January 17, 2014

Spring Semester

friday favs 1/17/14

Hooray! It's Friday again!
This week I am gearing up to go back to school for the Spring semester. I technically don't have my first day on campus until Wednesday, but I am preparing myself in all ways necessary. This calls for relaxing as much as possible before the chaos of college begins, repeating inspirational/motivational quotes again and again, and purchasing the much needed school supplies! I think school supplies [paper, calendars, pencils, bags, staplers, etc] is the one thing that gets me excited for the school semester. And when I say excited I mean giddy that the paper is cute... not for learning, okay a little for learning. So this week's favs are focused on school or work related items. It is very necessary to have a cute, comfortable outfit to wear for walking campus and sitting in the classroom, a great bag to hold those heavy textbooks, the perfect watch for that perfect time management we need so much and plenty of candles or any other relaxation techniques to calm the mind at the end of the day (& during!) 

Hope you have an awesome weekend!


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