Friday, January 10, 2014

it's friday!

friday favorites 1/10/14

As I welcome this new year, I welcome potential and I welcome newness. I am starting to get on a blogging schedule and with that I will be adding a new post to the mix! "Friday Favorites" is about wishing, dreaming, and well, lusting. Every girl has her ongoing wish list, right? haha. With a limited budget that comes with being a college student and being a newly wed, it's time to daydream. Since I can't usually afford a bunch of new clothes or accessories I figured it would be fun to shop online and create hypothetical wish lists each week. That way it gives you all ideas and it gives me something pretty to look at.. and possibly splurge on every now and then. (We won't tell my husband that part kay?) 

Happy Friday!


  1. Nice picks! I like that sweater!

  2. That bag is to die for! I love your blog, Hannah. :) I found it through your feature on Nioby's blog and have been following ever since. Friday Favorites sounds like a great idea, and I look forward to reading your future wish lists!

    P.S. I would love if you checked out my blog if you get a chance. :)

  3. these are awesome! Love the necklace and the Classic sweater

    1. I'm needing that necklace right about now. Thanks!

  4. Lovely :)

  5. Love all of these! Thanks for linking up to the Be.You.Tiful Link Party!


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