Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Up, up, and away!

Dress: free people. Shoes: urban outfitters. Necklace: tiffany&co. 

The title is for obvious reasons, hint: the dozen white balloons. I was super excited to use these balloons in my photos so I decided to go girly and whimsical. When we got to our new photo spot the wind was blowing and the air was cold. I think I pulled these pictures off pretty well, and so did the balloons, considering we had to wait every couple minutes till the breeze died down to shoot a couple photos. It was quite entertaining, actually. The whole "come here balloons...okay, okay! wait, wait hold on... Now, hurry! I'm soo cold!" thing went on for, well, the whole time. It was hilarious and we kept laughing, hence the smiles. I had such a fun time doing this shoot, but man, using a prop is an interesting process. Haha. 


Monday, April 22, 2013

Feminine & Darling

Dress: nordstrom rack. Shoes: nordstrom rack. Purse: kate spade. Jewelry: vintage + tiffany's + stella&dot. 

Let me just start by pointing out the fact that I'm wearing a blue dress. Milestones people, milestones. Feel free to applaud. Haha. I adore this dress. This was the first time I wore it and it just feels so femme and innocent and well, darling. I have to say I was pulling a little inspiration from my girl Taylor Swift, aka queen of femme dresses. How could you not love a girl who is ultra feminine, all about love, totally small town, innocent, upright morals, amazing girly/vintage style, and just darling? Okay, enough on my rant about how adorable Swift is. Back to my dress. All I know is I am completely loving the way this dress brings out the "little moments" side of me and by "little moments" I mean, stop and smell the flowers, look around and give thanks for the beautiful life you live, smile at the sky, dance in a field, soak up the moment, and laugh till your abs hurt...Yep, that about sums it up. 
I hope you have a wonderful Monday darlings. 
Take a moment and soak in the small moments today brings you. 


Friday, April 19, 2013

Tropical Friday

Top: free people. Pants: target. Purse: lucky brand. Necklace: thrift find. Bracelets: forever21. Sunnies: marc jacobs. 

Hooray for Friday! I decided to celebrate with bright pants as you can see. Felt pretty darn tropical today and totally enjoyed the warm weather. I've already started my countdown to summer! Yup, downloaded an app on my phone, literally. I've been trying to buy more brightly colored clothing, because my closet is full of neutrals and let's face it, that just ain't all that cheery. So bright orange pants it is. That's my kinda happy, people. 


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hello There Stranger

top: nordstrom rack. jeans: lamb&flag. shoes: jessica simpson. bag: kate spade. 

I am officially a married lady now!!! 
Life has been a crazy whirlwind, but Jarrett and I are pretty settled into our new home and enjoying married life each day. So much change has made it rough for me to adjust, but I finally feel like I can relax. I've been going through somewhat of a rough patch in my personal life through all the hectic life changes and mix of emotions. Moving out was a big one. I'm a homebody and the first few weeks didn't quite feel as exciting as you'd think it's suppose to be. I've had my fair share of tears, laughs, and disappointments [I'm not only referring to my married status, but life in general and the challenges it brings us.] I know that through anything and everything I can trust in God to protect and provide for me and my husband. Even with the abstract things in life that you can't quite figure out, especially relationships and growing up and letting go... All things I am continuing to discover every day.  
Anyways, I am trying to make time for blogging in this new journey. I'm so thankful to have this little internet world and be able to blog and escape from the day for a few minutes. Thanks to all of you followers for continuing to support my little space on the web. 

Cheers to being a housewife & cheers to new beginnings!