Love Story

Once upon a time a boy met a girl. However, this isn't the typical story of boy meets girl. It all began on a June summer night under the bright lights of the bowling alley. Yes, the bowling alley. Jarrett and Hannah were with a group of mutual friends that night while flirting and awkwardness filled the air; like any teenage love. Hannah was prepared for these awkward, shy, giggling moments because she knew he would be there; after all, her best friend set up this meeting. Jarrett on the other hand, had no idea he would be meeting a special someone even though his best friend had been working to get him to come along for a couple of weeks by then. It was then that the double dates and trips to Disneyland began. It was slow and steady and after two months Jarrett made the decision to ask Hannah out. Ever since that night in Laguna Beach, sitting by the Montage and listening to the ocean, where they first exchanged those three little words... "I love you", the Montage walkway has held a special place in their hearts. Five months passed when there was a bit of a bump in the road. The couple went without each other for several months.
The first day of August, Hannah's cell phone lit up at three in the morning. Conveniently, she was waking up at five for an early work shift and read the message. "Hey, how are you?" That was it. That was the message that made her heart jump. Saturday night. The two drove to the Montage & laughed until their cheeks hurt. That was the moment that reminded them of what they had been missing. It was surprising how natural it felt, and at this point they knew. They knew in their hearts they couldn't let this go. These were the nights they stayed up late, ate too much ice cream, laid on sidewalks, stared at the stars, and laughed till they cried.
One year and ten months of love came down to one question. As Hannah and her family were setting up a summer backyard party, Jarrett was preparing for a different surprise. Everyone was in the backyard when Jarrett walked outside dressed in a suit and went straight over to Hannah. As he got down onto one knee, he said, "I can't wait any longer. You're the only girl I want to be with for the rest of my life. I want to be your chef and make you breakfast every morning, I want to bake cakes with you no matter the time, and I want to decorate gingerbread houses with you every Christmas. I love you with all my heart. Hannah, will you marry me?" 
& she said "YES" as the tears of joy ran down her face.

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