Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Our Wedding / Part 3

Ceremony, details, & decor

The details of our wedding still make me giddy. Designing and styling my wedding was such a wonderful experience. Trust me I'm not trying to sugar coat it because there was plenty of stress and drama to go around, but nevertheless it was a memorable time. Our wedding turned out just about exactly how I envisioned it. I am so proud of all the DIY things I did for our day and how involved I was in the decor. I created the bunting flag banners, hand chose the vintage books for every table, styled the memory shelves and the cookie table, created the tags for inside the guestbook, and wrote the chalkboards. It was definitely a team effort and Jarrett and my mother were the biggest sources of help and support for me. Along with my beautiful bridesmaids, especially my maid-of-honor, Sydnee. She was consistent and always supportive. Without the love and the hard work, the big day would not have been the same. 

p.s. if you're wondering what's with all the bowling pins.. well, Jarrett and I first met in a group of friends at the bowling alley. Our first memory together is bowling. We have kept that in our hearts and incorporated it into our wedding day by using some pins!  

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  1. Gorgeous photos! Everything looks so shabby chic and pretty. Congrats on everything!

  2. Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures my dear! So happy to see them here … each and everyone is absolutely pin worthy! It was an honor to attend your heartfelt wedding … you could fell God in the room.

    Your attention to details and sharing of personal memorabilia … in such a warm setting … made wedding one of my very favorite ever! Thanks you for sharing not just these beautiful images but your day as well!

    much love,

    PS I still especially love your perfect guest book … a vintage book with tags attached inside for guests to leave a note … sheet poetic genius!

    1. Tamera! Thank you so much for the kind words! I am thrilled you were able to experience and share in our day.


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