Monday, February 10, 2014

Camo or Leopard?

Jeans: Paige Denim. Top: Nordstrom Rack. Blazer: H&M. Bag: Kate Spade. Heels: Jessica Simpson. Necklace: Forever 21. Bracelets: Flea market finds. Watch: Vintage (My dads). Sunnies: Anthropologie. 

My blazer couldn't decide what it wanted to be. Camouflage or leopard print? It just decided to be once. Hey, that's alright with me. I couldn't decide which I wanted to wear anyway. 

P.S. This was one of those blog shoots that was basically public. People walking by, staring, the usual. Not awkward at all... Right? Oh and totally funny how people don't understand that they should move out of the frame... I guess they just wanted to get #blogged. 
p.s.s. I have about ten photos with people literally walking fully into the photo. Haha blogger rant. 
p.s.s.s. I just used a hashtag on my blog. What has the world come to?



  1. I love that blazer!

  2. That blazer is too good! Lately, I've been wanting everything leopard!
    xo Adri


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