Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hello There Stranger

top: nordstrom rack. jeans: lamb&flag. shoes: jessica simpson. bag: kate spade. 

I am officially a married lady now!!! 
Life has been a crazy whirlwind, but Jarrett and I are pretty settled into our new home and enjoying married life each day. So much change has made it rough for me to adjust, but I finally feel like I can relax. I've been going through somewhat of a rough patch in my personal life through all the hectic life changes and mix of emotions. Moving out was a big one. I'm a homebody and the first few weeks didn't quite feel as exciting as you'd think it's suppose to be. I've had my fair share of tears, laughs, and disappointments [I'm not only referring to my married status, but life in general and the challenges it brings us.] I know that through anything and everything I can trust in God to protect and provide for me and my husband. Even with the abstract things in life that you can't quite figure out, especially relationships and growing up and letting go... All things I am continuing to discover every day.  
Anyways, I am trying to make time for blogging in this new journey. I'm so thankful to have this little internet world and be able to blog and escape from the day for a few minutes. Thanks to all of you followers for continuing to support my little space on the web. 

Cheers to being a housewife & cheers to new beginnings! 


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