Monday, April 22, 2013

Feminine & Darling

Dress: nordstrom rack. Shoes: nordstrom rack. Purse: kate spade. Jewelry: vintage + tiffany's + stella&dot. 

Let me just start by pointing out the fact that I'm wearing a blue dress. Milestones people, milestones. Feel free to applaud. Haha. I adore this dress. This was the first time I wore it and it just feels so femme and innocent and well, darling. I have to say I was pulling a little inspiration from my girl Taylor Swift, aka queen of femme dresses. How could you not love a girl who is ultra feminine, all about love, totally small town, innocent, upright morals, amazing girly/vintage style, and just darling? Okay, enough on my rant about how adorable Swift is. Back to my dress. All I know is I am completely loving the way this dress brings out the "little moments" side of me and by "little moments" I mean, stop and smell the flowers, look around and give thanks for the beautiful life you live, smile at the sky, dance in a field, soak up the moment, and laugh till your abs hurt...Yep, that about sums it up. 
I hope you have a wonderful Monday darlings. 
Take a moment and soak in the small moments today brings you. 



  1. Gorgeous dress!


  2. Such a pretty dress, and I love the idea of those little moments. It's a good reminder to appreciate all the wonderful things that happen in a day.

  3. Such a pretty dress! The color looks great on you.


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