Monday, June 18, 2012

Weekend wear

top: active. bathing suit top: target. jeans: wet seal. sandals: nordstrom rack. necklace/ring: tiffany&co. bracelets: forever21. 

This weekend has been pretty laid back. I wore yoga pants most of the time, but I figured you all don't need to see that. I spent Sunday with my family and celebrated my awesome dadda with food and conversation. I was proud of myself for slipping away from the festivities, you know talking, eating, playing ping pong, eating, & did I mention eating? long enough to take some outfit photos. I think that says I'm becoming a true style blogger. Okay so maybe the yummy shirley temple didn't make it out of my hand, but hey we're getting there! 



  1. SUPER cute.. I love your pants and that shirt color just brings out the white so much.. Very lovely outfit.. You are always so well put together.. Great post.. Thanks SO much for sharing via Mannequin Monday.. Really happy to have you link.. Wishing you a beautiful week.. xo.. Marilyn

    1. Thank Marilyn, you are SO sweet & I really enjoy your link up parties!

      xo Hannah


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