Friday, March 7, 2014

friday favorites: mid heel

mid heel

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Sometimes I forget just how good a new pair of shoes can be. I mean, not to be shallow, but come on who are we kidding ladies, shoes are pretty darn close to happiness. If you follow me on instagram: misshannahrenee, you know that I just got the SoleSociety mid heel (number 8) and I was surprised at how much it lifted my mood. Seriously, chocolate, wine, and shoes. Those are the ingredients to a good afternoon. Don't believe me? You wait. Get yourself a pair of these versatile and comfortable and extremely gorgeous shoes. I feel like I need one of each. For a girl who doesn't love wearing uncomfortable high heels and is more about practicality, these suckers blew my mind. Life changer. Haha yes, I'm being extreme, barely, but I am obsessed with this low profile, yet sexy heel height. Mid heels are definitely perfect for everyday and anytime of day. Such a ladylike, yet sexy shoe. Of course, many of you have probably seen, and overseen, the gorgeous Valentino (#1) on various style bloggers. It is probably the trend-setter when it comes to the mid heel, but most of us can't drop that much money on a pair of shoes. I think my next pair will be the similar SoleSociety Julianne Hough mid heel (#2) at just about 60 dollars! Steal. These heels can be worn so many ways, which makes them a perfect addition to your shoe collection. The mid heel comes in so many styles and colors, either go neutral or get it in a fun, bright color for this Spring! Ok, shoe rant has come to an end. Happy weekend loves.


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