Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Simple Bare Necessities...

The Outfit ~
Pants: Zara
Blouse: Nordstrom B.P.
Shoes: Nordstrom Rack
Bracelets: Vintage via my momma

The weather in Southern California has been all over the map lately. It was extremely hot, then some summer storms came along mixing humidity with a bit of rain, now it's a little bit cooler... Let's just say I've been forced to change outfits more than once daily. Haha. I'm that type of girl, anyway. Can never decide on just one look from morning till night. But hey I blame it on the weather! 

I love, love, love the simplicity of this look. You might be thinking, "Did she forget accessories this morning?" The answer is no. I feel like sometimes, just sometimes, a bare neck is necessary. A little femininity, a dash of masculinity, and a tiny bit of vintage. Good thing. 

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  1. very cute casual look!

    xo Ashleigh


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