Sunday, April 6, 2014

happiness behind the craziness

Dress: Tilly's. Necklace: Forever21. Bracelets: Vintage. 

I recently had to create a magazine for one of my school projects. We each had to make an original advertisement and article. My loving hubby gladly (thankfully) helped out in the photography department and shot these photos of me and some others of my friend and I. I used one of these for a faux Billabong advertisement. I was super happy with the overcast lighting and my beachy ombre hair, that I will have you know happened at 7am. I also worked on that magazine for hours on end. Dedication baby. At it's finest. 

Sorry for my continuing absence in the blogosphere. Love this blog world too much to stay gone.
Pardon my hectic schedule. In other news, I've been moving all week and working like crazy on that magazine project. Done and done! 

 I also want to share a little treat with you blog friends of mine. 
I had to watch a video and start a challenge in one of my classes. 
It's called...
Watch the video about positive psychology and take the 21 day challenge to be "Hapyr"! It's super simple and a great reminder to take a deep breath and be happy and grateful for life. Through everything in life it is so important to find happiness in the little and the big things. Stop chasing this dream of happiness and become it. I strongly encourage you to try it out. Being positive can change you and probably impact the people around you. Such a good start to a happier life.


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  1. You totally looks like a model in these pics! I bet you get an A on your magazine project! Wherever these photos were taken could definitely be my happy spot :)


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